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I just love the ongoing learning and education i do with my hypnotherapy.

This is something small and yet so very powerful.

Enjoy the read.

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When you Feel Negative Energy

I trust you’ll enjoy my latest article on when you feel or sense negative energy.. please take time and don’t jump to conclusions as the inexperienced person will tend to do, even reiki professionals do this.. so I encourage you to STOP before judging what that negative energy is..



When You Feel Negative Energy


When Spiritual People Attack

Have you ever been attacked by someone in writing? It can hurt without a doubt… and when someone doesn’t know you, and writes slanderous things that just makes you wonder about them, does it not? Some of you may know this newish ‘spiritual’ person to Darwin and may have even gone to her. It’s BEYOND my comprehension what her issues are, as I’ve never met the woman and wouldn’t associate with the likes of her or those that do… instead I send love and set it free… check out my latest article and remember you chose how you respond to anyone being less than nice.

flower 10.11.15 Image: Yogendra174

When Spiritual People Attack