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Discrimination rife within the Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Disclaimer: The Australian Hypnotherapists Association had their solicitor contact Tammy in an attempt to stop her speaking of her experience with them. Tammy offered them the chance to get a court ordered injunction to stop the truth coming out, but the Australian Hypnotherapy has not followed through – so the article is published. It’s not a happy experience and Tammy wishes them love and light and trusts they’ll learn from their experience and will treat members with more respect and with more investigations and support.


Discrimination rife within the Australian Hypnotherapy Association
By TMNorris

Tammy Hatherill is a highly regarded and respected hypnotherapist in the Darwin region. She also lives with Asperges and is quite literal, practical and some say blunt. Most people who meet Tammy love her honesty, integrity and ability to see things so differently, thus helping so many people. There are others that take offence and rather than accept this is not rudeness on her part, it’s the wiring of her brain, it’s Asperges, they go to great lengths to make Tammy’s already challenging life even more challenging. The Australian Hypnotherapy Association is one example as demonstrated below.

As with most people who complete a new qualification Tammy Hatherill, was advertising her new modality of clinical hypnotherapy over local Facebook pages when another member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association based in her area, began to publicly denounce her advertising saying it was against the “AHA” rules. This was done publicly where people from Darwin could read and thus assume Tammy was doing something wrong. This criticism of Tammy was  not done through a private message and was just the start of a few years of harrassment coming from those connected with an organization that prides itself on “professionalism”. As it turns out Tammy’s advertising was quite acceptable however for publicly embarrassing Tammy for no just cause, the other woman was not reprimanded to Tammy’s knowledge.

This other hypnotherapist appeared to be scrutinising everything written on Tammy’s Facebook page because she complained twice more about Tammy writing about doing Reiki and Hypnotherapy combined and being able to claim it back on private health. What Tammy was trying to  portray was the fact with her combined service, the Hypnotherapy part could be claimed back on private health as Reiki is not covered by any private health organisation, and yet  the Hypnotherapy portion can be claimed on private health. Tammy Hatherill was amused and stunned the AHA took a dim view of her post reported to them, and so she removed the post without challenging them. Was it Tammy’s writing style  causing issues where the true message was being mangled? Asperges affects communication and it generally does with Tammy’s writing style, or was it now a case of this other hypnotherapist trying to “dob” on her for any tiny thing. Tammy began to feel even more uncomfortable with an organization that was about control and demand rather than discussion and learning. Each time the president Mai!in Coleman contacted Tammy it felt like she was a naughty little school girl with Mailin being high and mighty in her stance and was spoken down to.

“I can’t say I warmed to this Mailin woman. I felt spoken ‘down’ to and she was unpleasant to communicate with”

The next thing Tammy Hatherill was telephoned about by the president of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association Mailin Coleman, was a post again on Facebook where Tammy excitedly shared with the world how she had just completed her “Masters course of Nuero-Hypnotherapy” and so was more highly qualified than other hypnotherapist who had not completed the course. It appears that sharing ones qualifications is against the AHA rules because it apparently made others look less efficient. Tammy was not saying she was any better than other hypnotherapist but merely sharing she had done further study that enhanced her knowledge in her chosen field and was aghast she was again being controlled with how she was not allowed to share this information in the general way she had. Tammy began to wonder if there was a self esteem issue going on with the other hypnotherapist in Darwin, the only other AHA registered hypnotherapist in the area. Most people read the post and understood exactly what it was about but this woman and the president of the AHA took exception to Tammy sharing her Masters course and qualifications. Whats interesting is this Mailin Coleman also lives in the Northern Territory but is based in Alice Springs. She is the only other AHA registered hypnotherapist in the entire NT. Interesting fact isnt it?

One only needs to look at the AHA registered hypnotherapist to Darwin’s Facebook page to see she only has revolting reviews. Perhaps there really is an issue of not feeling good enough?  The AHA should be ashamed to have a hypnotherapists with such bad reviews on their books but they endorse this type of person and bully someone who is doing a great job and has a fantastic rapport and reviews. It makes no sense at all unless the ‘board’ are banding together.

Further drama came about when a disgruntled “friend” of Tammy’s used the AHA to complain about her. She tried to use the fact that on one or two occasions she had received Hypnotherapy from Tammy. The AHA concluded and exonerated Tammy as the entire complaint was unrelated to Hypnotherapy. What was unfortunate was during this extremely stressful time Tammy contacted the AHA President on numerous occasions asking for assistance or ideas on how to cope with ex clients who become harassing, ringing, emailing and bugging Tammy as this one was. The AHA gave no support what so ever until eventually Tammy was told to go to the police. So the AHA give no support to its paying members on how to cope with people who are acting irrational and are frightening the AHA member. Tammy had to deal with the stalker alone. The police said to name and shame her publicly because these type of people don’t like to be exposed for their bad behavior and it would hopefully make her stop.

Tammy Hatherill did not take advice of police and finally the drama stopped. It reignited again months later when two ladies removed from one of Tammy’s courses, took it upon themselves to rev up the original complainer, where she once again began to write horrendous stuff all over Tammy’s Facebook pages and YouTube videos and the like. This time Tammy did name and shame her as told by the police to do so publicly. Tammy however did this privately only, to alert her friends that a woman was stalking her and Tammy had been told, ironically by one of the ladies who stirred the trouble that the original complainer was mentally unwell. Tammy was frightened and quite scared of what this woman would do to her, so for an hour she had the post on her private page as her ‘bad’ behaviour had started up again.

“It was really for my personal safety. My friends would know who to tell the police about if anything happened to me. I was very scared”

The next thing Tammy Hatherill is aware of is an email stating she had been removed from the Australian Hypnotherapy Association because they had received a co signed letter by three members of the public stating Tammy was publicly humiliating a Hypnotherapy client of hers. One of the three trouble makers (mentioned above) was still on Tammy’s friend list and is the ONLY one who could have seen it and taken it upon herself to use against her, by showing the others. These women had an agenda because they had been removed from Tammy’s support page and perhaps rejection issues were making them emotional and vindictive??. No investigation took place what so ever by the AHA. Tammy’s story and her side of things was not considered at all. It seem the AHA get a letter from someone complaining and instead of investigating it, they take the word of the complainer, so caution is probably warranted if you join this organisation. Tammy wrote to the AHA board stating she was going to a solicitor. She received in error a response back from a board member, who had intended for the email to go to the President for the AHA.

“When I received that email, I knew I was dealing with a very unprofessional organisation with a board made up of people with ego issues and who had made up their minds without hearing from me. They broke the law by kicking me out of an association without due process”

In the end Tammy Hatherill resigned from the Australian Hypnotherapy Association due to its total lack of professionalism, it’s lack of investigation skills and the clincher came when she received a private email from the board of the AHA, still using the AHA logo and counselor logo, where she named people and spoke of AHA matters. She basically ripped Tammy’s character to shreds and tried to say it was a personal email and not related or connected to the AHA in any way.

With this total lack of professionalism, the venom, the personal attack and clouded suggestions that Tammy is a racist, Tammy complained to the AHA. She has since received a written apology from Mailin Coleman who unfortunately still holds her membership with the AHA and her presidency.

“I would never ever recommend the AHA to any up and coming hypnotherapist, or established hypnotherapist for that matter. They are totally unprofessional and have no idea on legalities or ethics. In my University degree in Justice Studies, we covered ethics and investigation and this organisation is far from meeting a minimum standard. It’s my personal opinion that people should steer clear of them.”

People can see the AHA’s totally unprofessional facebook page here, and they have the audacity to tell Tammy Hatherill her facebook page is unprofessional. The AHA have not attended their page since September 2015 and questions from the public have been left unanswered: AHA unprofessional facebook page

It goes to show one person strong enough to speak up, having Asperges and all, can make a difference. The truth will always come out.

By TMNorris


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