The wonder of Reiki Cards

Reiki Chakra Cards   Are you sick and tired of feeling not good enough? As though everyone else is better than you? Do you feel crappy within yourself? Have you gained weight and lost all self-worth and self-esteem? Or maybe you’ve taken up smoking or some other addiction? Most of my life I’ve lived through …

Reiki to assist with Generational Abuse

Reiki to Assist with Generational Abuse —————————————- In today’s article, I share my family abuse story which started since childhood and continued until I found the courage to say STOP. Sending Reiki back in time can help you find the peace and harmony you seek.

When you Feel Negative Energy

I trust you’ll enjoy my latest article on when you feel or sense negative energy.. please take time and don’t jump to conclusions as the inexperienced person will tend to do, even reiki professionals do this.. so I encourage you to STOP before judging what that negative energy is..