The wonder of Reiki Cards

Reiki Chakra Cards


Are you sick and tired of feeling not good enough? As though everyone else is better than you? Do you feel crappy within yourself? Have you gained weight and lost all self-worth and self-esteem? Or maybe you’ve taken up smoking or some other addiction?

Most of my life I’ve lived through the above and quite frankly, late in 2015 had reached my thresh-hold of feeling less than everyone else, and said to myself “stuff this. I’m going to do something about this once and for all.”  Thus, the Reiki Chakra Cards were born.

The beautiful thing is, these cards are for absolutely everyone – no matter where you live, and whether you know anything about reiki or not. The cards are INFUSED with reiki healing energy… an ancient Japanese healing modality.  Also, when you think about it, Jesus used the same “healing energy” to help his people back in the day, it just wasn’t called Reiki.  What I’ve done is harnessed the reiki healing energy and infused every single card with it, and each card has a different vibration depending on what chakra it belongs to and what symbol is has (so whoever uses the cards get the right balance of energy for what they need).

Remember, reiki energy can be used for emotional issues, psychological issues, physical issues and so much more. So, it doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, the energy from these cards can help and assist on so many levels.  I know I’ve been using them daily since their inception and find them remarkable.

Here are some encouraging words from others as well.


Leslie:  From the first time I held Tammy’s Reiki Chakra Cards deck in my hands, I could tell that they were different from any tarot or other decks I’d ever held. When I chose cards, and held them against the chakras represented, the energy flow was strong and true. I could feel blockages uncoiling themselves within. A peace permeated palpably.

Deborah: As a Reiki master I have nothing but praise for Tammy Hatherill`s Reiki Chakra Cards. I use them in my Reiki every day. O n a personal level they are helping me overcome many issues that are surfacing because of my daily use of them.

Susan: I’ve been a spiritual healer for the past 20 years and I recommend Tammy’s reiki cards. I used them first time today and I was fully aligned in minutes. When I received a call that my stepson had passed away, to my amazement I felt very grounded and was able to help and support my family. I highly recommend the cards.

Dianne: These cards, and the corresponding 13 symbols with attunement, are something this Earth needs right now. The symbols are beautiful and gently balancing and very powerful. I encourage anyone who is desirous of balance and healing in their life to use these lovely and helpful cards.

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