Akashic Records/Soul Realignment Readings

I am a fully qualified as a Soul Realignment Practitioner and offering these readings for $250 and it means accessing your Akashic Records and giving you a soul reading. I am charging $250 for these readings BECAUSE a person needs to be ready to hear the information and be willing to make the changes in their lives to improve it. Those ready and willing will find the price affordable… those not quite ready will wait.

So in the words of the creator of the soul realignment course Andrrea, this is what it’s all about (taken from her website):

The first reason we access the Akashic Records is to discover more information about the nature of our Soul. We look at where the Soul originates, what energies it is designed to work with in particular, and what specialties it has focused on. All of this information gives us a comprehensive overview of our Soul Purpose for this lifetime … and it is invaluable. After all, we are here to express our Divinity into our human experience. The information contained within the Akashic Records about the nature of our Soul lets us tune into our own Divine nature.

The second reason we access the Akashic Records is to understand how we create our present-life circumstances through our past choices. These may be choices that were made in a past life, or in this lifetime. We are the powerful creators of our own experience, through choice! But every choice has consequences – that’s what karma is all about! And so, at times, we may have made negative choices. Negative choices are choices that create mis-alignments to our own Divinity.They are choices that do not express who we truly are … that’s what makes them negative. And of course, negative choices have negative consequences, some of which affect us lifetime after lifetime. We access the Akashic Records so that we can understand what choices we made that may be negatively affecting us to this day. We call the energetic consequences of these choices “negative blocks and restrictions.” They literally block and restrict us from accessing our Divine Gifts, and living our purpose.

The Akashic Records are an invaluable tool for researching these past negative choices, because they contain our entire Soul’s history! Which brings me to the final reason we access the Akashic Records – clearing!

It’s one thing to know what past negative choices continue to create negative consequences in our lives today. But when we have conscious understanding of these choices (or help our clients have conscious understanding!) then we can also energetically clear their consequences within the Akashic Records. In other words, we can enter the Akashic Records and energetically clear the blocks and restrictions that are preventing us from accessing our own Divinity.

Through these three aspects of accessing the Akashic Records, we begin to live the expression of our Divinity in our human experience!

(above words are from Andrrea’s website).

So what are you waiting for Buy Now and send me through:

1) your current name. 2) Your name at birth. 3) Date of Birth 4) Place of birth for me to get started.

All readings are done over the phone and/or recorded and sent through for you to have to listen back to.

GST and administration fees included