Breaking through the FEAR barrier

Isn’t it amazing the amount of people who don’t follow their dreams or do something they really, really want to, simply because ‘fear’ paralyses them from either making a decision or acting on a decision.

Admittedly I’m a bit like this myself with technology, and it’s ironic because I’m married to an I.T professional who has mastered the ten million remote controls connected to about 4 or 5 different ‘boxes’ linked to the TV. As for me, nope, I have not mastered the different boxes or the remotes and don’t understand what they all do(?????). I’m happy with basic things, and have mastered the basics for TV.

Now as for computer technology, that’s another thing all together. It took me some time before joining facebook, years after many of my friends had signed up and learned to ‘play’ with it.  As for Twitter I joined, and after  a few weeks shut that account down. It really didn’t make any sense to me at all.

Fear of technology is a big thing for me, and I’m proud to say, that I’ve been gently ‘pushed’ of late to embrace technology a little more than normal.  I was keen to start a Youtube account, so I could record and upload ‘live’ tarot card readings for my ‘likers’ and ‘followers’.  I had to read up on it and then follow the instructions, all the while my heart was pumping and my shoulders and neck was tense and tight. Gosh I was putting pressure on myself, because I wanted to learn and I wanted to overcome my fear of the unknown.

I’m happy to say with my determination and drive, I can now record and upload Youtube videos easily now. It took time and it took messing up on occasion, failing, mistakes, small baby steps and then ultimately, success!!!! I had to work through fear and contemplate the unknown to achieve my desire. Had I not done this, then I would be no further advanced in my ‘journey and none of my, and I quote from my clients, “inspirational videos”, would be on public display.

Another fear I’ve overcome is with my website. I have upgraded into and learning how it works and what I can do and how it’s a great program, is very, very daunting. Today, I’m thrilled to say I’ve learned all about ‘plug ins’ and ‘widgets’, and with the help of a friend, who was sitting in NSW and me in the NT, managed to talk me through a few of the more tricky aspects of wordpress. Thank you darling friend.

I am ‘pushing’ my way through my fear. Initially I was very resistant to this new website and couldn’t really see the ‘point’ in it or what benefit it would have. I was not going to do it….. and then I thought, if I do a small step each day, maybe it won’t be so daunting. One small step at a time. Breaking down the enormity of it, into manageable daily steps, has reduced my fear DRAMATICALLY.

This reflection on fear has me thinking of how I’ve reached this point in my life.  For much of it, I guess I have been restricted by fear (and not doing what I really and truly wanted to because I was afraid of failing or because the unknown was much to intimidating)….and now I feel I have more control over my emotions and my responses and reactions to events, although sometimes fear does take hold. Gosh darn!! I’m human after all.

As you know, because I’m very open and honest about my ‘solitary’ walk in life,  I do encounter some beautiful people, before forking off in a different direction again. I no longer have that ‘fear’ of walking alone, whereas in the past,  I did try to fit in and I did try conform to a group ethos. I wasn’t successful or very good at it. My “true” path kept calling me. I don’t need to follow anyone else’s belief system!!! However, and I must emphasise that I do have role models. Absolutely I do, and absolutely I admire many people. It just means I keep my own individuality. When in a group I somehow ‘lose’ myself and it’s an uncomfortable feeling. I am much more comfortable going solo, whilst expanding my comfort zone in areas that need the most attention.

The “Fear” of  walking my true path and true journey alone, kept me in a box so others would accept me and love me.  Shaking off this emotion and fear has helped me to grow and blossom and accept, that sometimes the things we fear most, can be life changing and so very, very powerful. I feel more and more in love with my life and with myself than I have ever been. Meaning I have so much more love to give to my husband, my family, my friends and my clients.

Fear ‘woke’ me up!  It was far worse for me to ‘fit’ in, rather than standing tall and being the woman I am. Just like technology, I have allowed fear to hold me back. Not a minute more!!!!  I can now use Youtube and wordpress!!! Woooo Hoooo.  Every day is step in the right direction. Every day I am learning and growing both personally, professionally and within the technological realms. I love it.

Fear is a powerful motivator and a debilitator. How will you utilise your fear?

Tammy (Reiki and Tarot Master/Teacher)

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