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A Reiki community who turned their back

I hope you enjoy these two articles based, unfortunately on experiences I’ve been through, on my reiki journey… and how I’ve managed to overcome this with forgiveness and compassion. Article 1 A reiki community who turns their back Article 2 (follow up) An update on the reiki community who turned their back image: Giacomo-Carena

Reiki and Travel

So as many of you are aware, my husband Alex and I, have just returned from an AMAZING holiday around Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It was magical to say the least. The good news is, I knew it was going to be spectacular because I sent Reiki to ensure it would go well. If …

When your reiki client doesn’t feel the energy

Never be put ‘off’ Reiki if you are a client and don’t ‘feel’ anything. Also if you are a practitioner, don’t feel you’ve done anything ‘wrong’ if your client doesn’t feel the energy. Have a read of my latest article to see why. Image: Swami Stream click on the title below to read the article: …

Reiki and Family

For anyone who has ever felt like a black sheep in their family. Or that no-one loves them in their family. This story may give you hope and inspiration. Image: Andy Morffew Reiki and Family

One of my most powerful articles

This experience nearly shattered my mental health and general health COMPLETELY. The doctors diagnosed a ‘flare-up’ in my PTSD/depression with the situation described being the trigger. This article is written for ANYONE who has EVER struggled with their self-worth and self-esteem. This article is written to show that you don’t need to belong to a …

Self-Treatment with Reiki

To those that do energy healing, crystal healing or reiki, you may all like to try this and adapt to your own modalities. We must look after ourselves as well as helping others. Ourselves come first though.  Image: Fc Nikon press on the below link to read this article: Self-treatment with Reiki  

Case Study: Reiki to Remove Trauma

Case Study: Reiki to Remove Trauma Wow! An amazing case study on how Reiki helped remove trauma and fear. This is one of the most powerful treatments I’ve ever been blessed to participate in. Have a read by pressing the below link Reiki to Remove Trauma