Competition among spiritual people

I’ve been asked recently what my view is on ‘competition’ among spiritual people, especially here in Darwin considering we are a very small city.

In all honesty I use the word competition, very lightly. Yes it exists of course, but in a positive and beneficial way.  Every single person who practices reiki, or reads the tarot cards, or practices reflexology, may be considered in opposition to me – however I fully believe that each and every one of us, has our own unique ‘twist’ on what we do, which makes us different and makes us, quite simply, us.  Clients will chose what they like and who they like and go there. They may even enjoy variety and go to a few of us regularly.

Being confident and self assured in what I offer and what I do, I have no need to be concerned about all the other marvellous practitioners here. Just as they won’t have concerns or worries about me.  If ego were to get in my way, I would not offer courses and tarot courses (as I would feel threatened if I thought my students would become competition and ‘out do’ me.

Spirit provides enough for everyone, and will always provide the right clients to me.

What I have done in the past, and what I will continue to do, is refer on anyone whom I don’t feel connected with, and the energy ‘off’. This is not judgement. This is doing the best thing for the clients. They deserve the ‘right fit’ and if I am not that ‘fit’, then I will refer on to someone I think they’ll ‘connect’ with… if I didn’t it would not be fair and it may be my ‘ego’ wishing to hold on to them.

As humans, we are prone to have ‘moments’ of doubt, fear and anxiety, however this is only a problem should it last more than a few hours or a day.  I am not immune to this human emotion, however I am mindful and careful not to live by fear for longer than necessary. Fleeting moments occur for many of us.  I suggest we ‘own’ it, ‘accept’ it and ‘release’ it.

Across Australia and the world there are many tarot readers, reiki practitioners and reflexologists who have amazing practices, websites and facebook pages… If I were to ‘compare’ myself to them and their achievements/successes and business acumen, I could find myself in a very sad and despondent state. Instead I admire, and respect their abilities.

No one is the same. No one gives the exact same service, regardless if the offerings are the same (reiki, reflexology, tarot)…. we are all different with our unique qualities.

So competition does exist of course, I’m “competing” (said very lightly)  against everyone out there who does the same as me…. however spirit always delivers and with this fact I am comfortable and self assured. I am also confident in my skills and abilities and know I come from love and gratitude and acceptance.

I wish all my fellow practitioners/readers/ teachers the world of success.

Tammy (Reiki and Tarot Master/Teacher)

Copy Right 2014

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  • Agreed Tammy. There is no such thing as competition in the spirit work/world as how can one compete with oneself. We are all one. Playing it forward for others to benefit is how the wheel of fortune spins back to you in any case. L&L Mella.

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