Distance Healings and Tarot Readings

Distance Reiki Healing and Distance Tarot Readings

Of late I’ve had numerous questions surrounding the ‘effectiveness’ of distance reiki and distance tarot readings. One of my tarot students on the first day of the Beginner Tarot course truly questioned if she could do a tarot reading over the phone or via skype.  She thought it would not be as effective or real, as one done face to face. Even some of my reiki students questioned ‘distant’ healing initially. I agree it’s a hard concept to grasp and so I will endeavour to reveal it here. Please understand it’s a difficult concept to explain, however I will do my best.  Distance healing can be sent to humans, animals, plants and mother earth.

First I would like to share two very recent testimonials I have received, for the work I’ve done via distance. One is a tarot reading via video and the other is a distance reiki. Quite a lot of my work is global – and of course national.  I am thrilled to have clients in England, United States of America, New Zealand and every state of Australia.  I would not have these clients if ‘distant’ appointments were not genuine or real.

Testimonial 1 (Reiki)

“With my mum going through a rough patch at the moment. I asked Tammy if she could do a distant reiki healing session for mum. This happened this morning. After the session she emailed me the report. What she said in the report totally blew me away. As I am also a believer in angels I have been calling upon a couple of them for their help.

In Tammy’s report she said that although it’s not rare for angels to come through when she does reiki, one did, and it was the same one I have been working with.

Without being long winded, there was a lot more in the report that hit home. I would highly recommend having reiki done to anyone and Tammy’s Tarot and Healing is definitely the one to go to. Light and love Tam.”

Testimonial 2 (Tarot)

“I recently won a mini reading with Tammy: I was a bit sceptical as we live in different states, how could she know anything about me? But when I got my video reading I was blown away by Tammy’s accuracy!! Without even knowing she gave me clarity and guidance on two different issues I have been struggling with, she gave me such a sense of calm and after the reading I felt empowered and more in control of my life!! Her connection to me and what are very real and current worries for me was just incredible! I can’t recommend Tammy highly enough!! If you want clarity, guidance or reassurance, you really must get a reading from Tammy!!!! Thanks Tammy – I am just so so grateful!!!”


So now you’ve read some ‘evidence’ I will try to explain further.

Reiki is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed – it can only be transformed. If we think of high school science we all learned that water can be a liquid, gas or solid…it can be transformed and changed, and yet it’s molecules remain the same, it’s all h2o in different states. When water is boiled it becomes a gas and floats away. We can no longer see or feel it and yet we know it’s there. Through science and education we know it’s real. Gold can be hard and solid or liquefied – it’s still gold and we know this without a shadow of a doubt.

It’s more difficult for people to accept and believe the same about energy and human auras – whether the person is in front of the practitioner or not the energy is the same. It’s there and can be felt and can be sent (because like water transferred to gas, the human energy field can reach a practitioner living in Darwin, regardless if they are overseas, interstate or sitting in the next room)… What the practitioner does is ‘tune’ into the energy and then sends energy and receives information from what they feel from the client. This energy, just like water/gas is travelling through the airwaves. We cannot see it but we know it’s there.

From the actual Reiki Manual I use: Energy travels through time and space and it’s difficult to explain. Many people would find it extremely difficult to explain how electricity, televisions, faxes, computers, telephones and microwaves or the internet works for example. However, not being able to comprehend how they work doesn’t stop people using and trusting them and the same can be said for distance reiki and tarot reading.

Deepak Chopra, in his book Quantum Healing also talks about how the entire universe is connected.

He explains how particles that are separated by huge and enormous distances of time and space, and yet they know what one another are doing. When an electron for example jumps into a new orbit on the outside of an atom, the anti-electron (positron) paired with it must also react no matter where it lives in the universe. Each particle in our universe has an intelligence that communicates across time and space.

That’s why the reiki practitioner can ‘feel’ the energy of the client, through an intelligence that communicates across the world.

A similar method can explain tarot card reading via phone/skype/video.  When I am doing a distance reading I meditate first and foremost before ANY reading (face to face, distance and email) to get me in the zone to receive the information coming forth. Then, just as I do with a person in front of me, I connect and listen to the ‘energy’ of the person I am communicating with. I don’t necessarily need a photo, or item of the person I am reading for as I simply connect in with the energy. I trust it and I trust the information coming through.

Again this is a very difficult concept for some people to grasp, I do hope this helps explain it just a little bit more….  It truly is an amazing tool to have and to utalise if you can’t make a face to face appointment with a tarot reader or reiki practitioner.

All the best.

Love, light and harmony.

Tammy xxxx

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