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Have you ever wondered how on earth you could be related to your siblings? Or even your parents? Do you look at them and think “we are completely different!” COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!! How can we be of the same flesh and blood? Rest assured you are not the only one. Many people around the world experience this ‘feeling’. I am one of them. My sister is so far removed from me; it’s remarkable that we have the same parents.

For many, many years I struggled with her bossiness and her rejection of me. She was never interested in a sister. She was more interested in having lots of friends. She found it difficult to support me in any venture I did. My sister displayed no excitement or support when both of my books hit the shelves, nor was she happy for me when I launched Tammy’s Tarot and Healing. Sometimes you get ‘nothing’ from the people who ‘should’ support you. Only recently she sent me a nasty email concerning my weekly newsletter that I send out. Telling me they were CRAP and to stop sending them to her. So as mentioned she is so far removed from me, it’s astounding we come from the same parents (which we do).

That’s ok because not all families need to be ‘blood.’ I feel very blessed that I have friends here in Darwin who I consider my ‘family’. I feel no ‘judgement’ from them and no ‘condemnation’ for any shortfalls I have. It’s wonderful to have friends that are just accepting, regardless of any imperfections. However I have also reached this level of peace and acceptance because I now love myself as I am, and I no longer need the approval of anyone to know I’m a good person (please see: Blog on Self-esteem and Self-worth) It’s still nice to know that I have good friends up here who have become my substitute family.

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If you don’t get along with your ‘blood’ family, be it your parents or siblings, aunts, uncles or cousins…. That’s ok. The universe/spirit/angels have birthed you into that family to ‘learn’ some very valuable lessons. Begin to look at your relationship in a new light. Look for the lessons. What is it about that person that you find frustrating? What do you dislike? What infuriates you? Can you analyse why this is so? I bet when you begin to investigate it, you’ll begin to understand the complexities.

“Look for the “lessons” when dealing with an irritating family member” quote Tammy Hatherill

So even though you don’t ‘like’ your blood family members, you can still send them love, light and harmony, wishing them well and learning valuable lessons from them (without having to spend time or energy on them). This is what I’ve done with my sister, whilst embracing my ‘Darwin’ family and enjoying their company, support and love.

Regardless of where ‘family’ comes from you are never, ever alone for spirit/universe/angels are always with us, even when we do feel isolated and misunderstood. Please always remember that.

Sending you big mobs of love and hugs.

(Tarot and Reiki Master/Teacher)
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