When Spiritual People Attack

Have you ever been attacked by someone in writing? It can hurt without a doubt… and when someone doesn’t know you, and writes slanderous things that just makes you wonder about them, does it not? Some of you may know this newish ‘spiritual’ person to Darwin and may have even gone to her. It’s BEYOND …

Forging New Paths

I now write for Personal Growth and am pleased to say my first article with them has now been published. Please click on the below link to have a read: Forging New Paths Image: Personal Growth

Saved by Reiki

Hello, please read my latest article as it outlines how I nearly gave up my business until ‘spirit’ gave me a reason to stay. I trust you’ll enjoy. Saved by Reiki

Asperger’s Education

Tammy’s Tarot and Healing Education I sometimes get labelled as wilful, uncooperative, a trouble maker, and intentionally displaying “bad” behaviour. I know better. My family know better. My friends know better. Anyone who understands Autism/Asperger’s knows better. My actions are my way of communicating—a direct reflection of my confusion, agitation, and exasperation when dealing with …