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Otherwise, enjoy listening to them from below (no downloading of them is available from here):

Episode 11 / Published 22nd December 2017

Today’s podcast is about technology among other interesting bits and bobs. Tammy also announces some of the amazing guest speakers for 2018.

Episode 10 / Published 15th December 2017

Today’s podcasts is a call out for those people who would like to be interviewed on the show for 2018

Episode 9 / Published 24th November 2017

Today’s episode Tammy talks about the role of Mediums in the spiritual world.

Episode 8 / Published 17th November 2017

Today’s podcasts goes into detail on how Tammy builds up businesses and supports them, and the remarkable difference between people who can and can’t accept feedback. She also chats with Jane Ward, co-founder with Tammy, of GK Vitality (Goddess Kali Vitality).

Episode 7 / Published 10th November 2017

Here is a podcast to learn about gratitude…. if prisoners of war can find gratitude, then so can you.  Have a listen if you want to learn how to not get involved in disputes, between friends, how to enjoy your life even when people annoy you, and so much more.

Episode 6/ Published 3rd November 2017

Here is the entertaining and hilarious podcast on when to tell someone to “f*ck off”… maybe not is those words or quite that terminology, but you get the drift. Many of us run our own businesses and truly not everyone is right for us and we are not right for everyone


Episode 5/ Published 27th October 2017

This fifth episode talks about the natural ebb and flow of friendships and not to be sad when they conclude

Episode 4/ Published 20th October 2017

This fourth episode discusses tarot readings and explains how to know a good one v’s a bad reader

Episode 3/ Published 13th October 2017

This third episode introduces the listener to Reiki/Energy Healing in an easy to understand way.

Episode 2/ Published: 6th October 2017

The second episode introduces people to hypnotherapy and gives them a stronger understanding of what hypnotherapy is all about.

Episode 1 / Published: 29th September 2017

This podcast introduces you to Tammy, who she is, why she does what she does and some deeper driving forces for her.