Reiki Chakra Cards

BUY NOW, and join the exclusive online learning portal for ongoing support and encouragement, and a free ATTUNEMENT to the 13 non traditional symbols.

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Tammy’s Tarot and Healing Announces the launch of One of a Kind Reiki Chakra Cards

IMAGINE how awesome it will feel for you or your clients to wake up cleared, centred and balanced?
There is a tool available to help clear and balance yours and your clients chakras, even if you have NO Reiki experience!
Anyone can use the Reiki Chakra Cards… all you need do is shuffle and pull out the number of cards you want (I usually do seven) and this will tell you which chakras are blocked and what may be causing the problem. To unblock you can place the cards on the corresponding chakra point whilst laying down (and if you are a practitioner you can place the cards on your clients chakras and even incorporate crystals) OR even place under your pillow whilst you sleep.. IMAGINE how awesome it will feel waking up cleared, centred and balanced?
Use THE CARDS for yourself, a friend or family member.
The testimonials are glorious, and the price is AWESOME considering there is OVER 90 cards, about double the number of a normal packet of oracle cards.
Leslie:  From the first time I held Tammy’s Reiki Chakra Cards deck in my hands, I could tell that they were different from any tarot or other decks I’d ever held. When I chose cards and held them against the chakras represented, the energy flow was strong and true. I could feel blockages uncoiling themselves within. A peace permeated palpably.
Deborah: As a Reiki master I have nothing but praise for Tammy Hatherill`s Reiki Chakra Cards..I use them in my Reiki everyday..not yet for clients as I have yet to `Come Out` to speak..but on a personal level they are helping me overcome many issues that are surfacing because of my daily use of them..Bless you all
Susan: Ive been a spiritual healer for the past 20 years and i would recommend Tammy’s reiki cards.i used them first time today i was fully aligned in minutes. Within an hour i had reserved a call that my stepson had pasted my amazement i felt very grounded and was able to help and support my family.
Dianne: These cards, and the corresponding 13  symbols with attunement, are something this Earth needs right now. The symbols are beautiful and gently balancing and very powerful. I encourage anyone who is desirous of balance and healing in their life to use these lovely and helpful cards.
BUY NOW, and join the exclusive online learning portal for ongoing support and encouragement, and a free ATTUNEMENT to the 13 non traditional symbols.
Download your free gift – an e-book with over 25 pages on chakras for anyone who clicks ‘down’load now
Many blessings!

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To those wishing to join the Exclusive Membership – Reiki Chakra Cards group, the cost is $5 Australian per month or one lump sum of $60 a year. This site will have in-depth videos, explanations and more dedicated time in teaching you about energy healing, the chakras and using the cards to help yourself and your clients. You will be encouraged to video yourselves using the cards, interpreting the cards and connecting with them. For some this may be uncomfortable and that’s awesome because the magic happens outside your comfort zone. The depth of education and time for YOU will be much more detailed in the paid group. Thanks to those who are excited about this idea 

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