SPIRITember is going to be an amazing celebration for the month of September all around Australia, this year and every year!

“September is Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month.”

Yes you read that correctly! Let’s do it!

The time is right and the time is now to bring all things spiritual into the spotlight.

AIM: Raise awareness and acceptance within the general public of spirituality and holistic health through providing events/celebrations around Australia showcasing professional and ethical practitioners during the month of September.

Awareness month starts 1st September 2017 with events/celebrations on consecutive weekends in September.

TEAM SPIRITember: As the SPIRITember co-ordinator for your state, you will organise and showcase the best local holistic health practitioners and intuitive practitioners and healers to the general public on your dedicated date.

Tammy is the SPIRITember co-ordinator for the Northern Territory for 2017.  Please listen to the recordings below she has conducted with some of the participants to date.


Owner of Allora Gardens 

(where our event is being held on 24.9.17)

Estelle Cornell



Gisela Pineiro


Sian Howell


Dee Waterson


Debbie Holland


Kristy Hollis


Dee Robertson



Tammy Hatherill

And we also have some wonderful stall holders for SPIRember as well… here are some of their interviews:

Christine Gray

Elie and Madison

Sandy Papas

Karen Lewis

Asha-Lee de Graaf