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Prison Officer to Complimentary Therapist

Hi everyone, I’m very thrilled and honoured that a Reiki article of mine has today been published by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. You can read it by clicking on the below link. Prison Officer to Complimentary Therapist Thank you all for your ongoing support. Much love, light and harmony. Tammy xxx

Overcoming Self-worth/esteem issues with Reiki & Tarot

Self-Esteem and Self-worth Image: diaryofabrwneyedgirl.blogspot Amazingly many people who come to see me for tarot and reiki are suffering some type of self-worth or self-esteem issue. They cannot see the bright shining light within them, that I can see the moment they walk through my gates. It’s amazing how many women (because 99 per cent …