Hi all, I have to say this woman is amazing she has changed my life .. her readings are so accurate they scared me at first but Tammy Hatherill being Tammy she straight away put me at ease. I have now done readings and reiki with her and will continue to see her. She has given me guidance, strength and love to make the rest of this year and the whole of the next to be the best of my life I am moving on up….and so excited. With the Reiki at first I did not know what it was but after seeing Tammy and having this done it just contributed to me feeling stronger, letting go of things that were bothering me and as I said gave me the power to make next year the best of my life…not only is she an amazing person but now a great friend….(with spooky talent) PS always pee before you get there or she will guess you need to and then you pee yourself laughing as to how she knew….was best experience ever thanks tammy as you said “this is my year 2016” SO WHATCH THIS SPACE XXXXX


Depression, homesickness,  and relationship issues were impacting my life when I first booked in with Tammy for Reiki.  I’d had Reiki a couple of times before with another practitioner, and each time I noticed significant changes in myself afterwards. There was always a shift and I needed that again. I felt very comfortable and relaxed  with Tammy,  making it so easy to be open to receive.

After my appointments with Tammy, I felt much lighter emotionally. I had an overwhelming burst of emotion rush over me and I ended up in tears during the session. After the session I felt like I had released a lot and felt much more at peace.

My depression was alleviated almost instantly. I’ve noticed that I am very aware of self destructive thought patterns that tend to bring me into a dark place. When I notice these thoughts coming back I am able to identify and steer myself away from getting into that yukky zone. I use self reiki to help relax and combat any ill feelings. I am learning to trust myself and talk to my angels more.

My partner has definitely noticed more of a positive attitude and less of a ‘defeatist’ attitude. He’s also noticed my patience increased when dealing with our son. I don’t ‘fly off the handle’ like I used to!

I feel safe & harmonious with Tammy and I think her work is magical.  I didn’t expect to be so immersed in the teachings of Reiki. After being told (by others and then Tammy) that I have a very strong spiritual connection and surrounded by a strong angelic presence, I wanted to learn more. Tammy encouraged me to look into courses that suited. I felt that starting my Reiki journey with Tammy has been exactly what I moved to Darwin for.  And amazingly I got a job two days after my first session with Tammy – after she specifically asked the angels to provide me with funds to help me pursue courses that were aligned to my life’s purpose.

 “Tammy you are a true gem. A natural healer, extremely giving and very in tune with people. You are absolutely an inspiration to me!”


Tammy gave me peace of mind.  I attended an appointment with her because I ‘needed’ to know what was going on in my life. I needed direction. She provided insights and guidance, and I felt extremely confident in her abilities, right from the very first appointment!

A sense of peace and calm overcame me and through Tammy’s words of wisdom, I now talk to my Angels on a regular basis.

The Reiki was also absolutely wonderful and it left me feeling that life is ok, after all.

I now have peace of mind and more confidence, and I truly believe that Tammy is a born healer and will continue along this path all her life.


When I first met Tammy, I was going through so much uncertainty, I was emotionally unstable and had severe trust issues.  I wished to alleviate negativity and to find clarity! This is what motivated me to make an appointment. I am so happy I did because right from the first session with Tammy I felt a sense of guidance.

With every appointment, I feel a shift and it’s obvious to my friends and family that I am more relaxed, calm and grounded.

I have gained and continue to gain all that I intended through work with Tammy. I am easier on myself and my body. I have learned to listen to what my body is telling me.  My mind is calm, and I have a more positive mind set.  I have more love and trust within myself and towards others.

I have full faith in Tammy, as since she’s been helping me, I’ve come such a long way. She is a warm, gentle and loving soul.

Tammy provides “insight,” “love,” and “trust”.


I was lucky enough to win a voucher with Tammy. I had visited Tarot Readers over many years in the past, and had always enjoyed the experience. I must admit though, I was a little apprehensive at first; as I had experienced some readers that were not adept at their craft.

It is obvious to me that Tammy’s knowledge and insights are genuine and her thoughts and advice is considerate. I relayed to my wife some of the items discussed and it was a great catalyst for conversation.

I certainly take on board the advice or insight provided and it allows me to see situations with new eyes and be open to new possibilities.

Tammy is open, insightful, genuine, kind, considerate and respectful.

I felt immediate her empathy and understanding and comfort in being able to speak about the spiritual side of life, which is something that I believe is essential for well-being. I feel an assurance that there is a wider world that we can often see, but not recognize or allow time to appreciate.

Tammy has a wonderful gift that has the ability to heal and provide comfort for those in need. I am a very happy recipient of her wonderful services.


I’ve always had a general interest in this type of thing, and as I was working in a job that doesn’t satisfy me, I made a tarot appointment with Tammy.

It was a very positive experience with confirmation in many areas of my life and of our wonderful trip to Europe. Then I booked a Crystal Reiki appointment and found the extra attunement lovely and had a boost in healing.

I have always been on the path to enlightenment and Tammy’s work is a support for this along with many other tools. Tammy has deep psychic powers that help anyone who seeks her services and guidance.

Tammy is helpful and loving and through meeting Tammy I now have connections with other light workers, a new tarot interest and deck, and bonus healing skills.


I contacted Tammy for a tarot reading because I was feeling uncertain in my life. I’m pleased to say I felt very comfortable with her, from my first enquiry!

Tammy is very professional, accurate, and reassuring. Along with this it was fun. I didn’t realise how much fun it was going to be! On top of that I now have more peace, certainty and confidence. What a bonus!!

Tammy is a highly gifted soul. Her readings provide insight, clarity and a positive path forward for clients. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.


I rang Tammy because I knew she was good and I trusted her, although I was mildly anxious to hear what she would say. As it turned out I had nothing to worry about.

The information she shared with me gave me a better perspective on my situation and some hope that things for me were going to get better.

Now I always try to think about situations that I face from a positive perspective, thinking what lesson do I need to learn from this happening?

Tammy exposed the raw truth, and I found this reassuring and interesting. I gained some relief from the grief I was living through.

For me, the Tarot Reading was the start of me understanding – there really is a bigger picture than us just plodding around on this planet!!


When I met Tammy I was going through a lot of major changes in my life. She made me feel welcomed, relaxed and very calm. The tarot reading allowed me to see there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve also learned to be positive and look on the bright side. I have peace of mind.

Tammy is patient! caring!! &  loving!!!

There was uncertainty in my life when I went for a tarot reading with Tammy, and I knew she would give me the information I required, without any rubbish.

Tammy explained many insights of future possibilities and since my appointment I have stopped smoking and I’m less inclined to self-sabotage (especially in relationships.)

She is awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

When I had major changes and circumstances regarding my living arrangements (should I stay or leave the NT) I was overcome with feelings of anxiety and stress. Therefore on visiting Tammy for both a Tarot Reading and Reiki appointment, I had a great feeling of relief and was able to let go of some of my worries.

It’s definitely worth having the treatments for the peace of mind it brings. I don’t seem to get as stressed as I was before, and as advised by Tammy I do talk to my angels if things get on top of me now.

Also, some sensitive issues that I had kept to myself for many years I was able to share and discuss in confidence and with peace of mind. Tammy suggested strategies to cope with this anxiety.

I find Tammy to be extremely intuitive, friendly, and professional. It always fascinates me how Tammy knows so much from reading the cards and how well she handles her knowledge.


Tammy made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I had relocated to Darwin for a job which turned out not to be as I was led to believe. I was being harassed and had trouble dealing with the non-functioning team. I thought I had made the wrong decision and wanted clarity to see it through.

Tammy could relate to my dilemma and showed true empathy.

She offered good tips and positive affirmations for me to use my voice, which I did. Tammy has helped me to keep evolving and becoming aware (which I’ve been doing over a long period of time.) Internally I have learnt to be more positive.

I found Tammy to be peaceful, positive and insightful and from my contact with her I am more confident in myself. I still believe in the future, and I know I must keep healthy and positive

It was an absolute pleasure.


Having just completed Tammy’s Tarot course I can highly recommend it to both novices and more experienced readers as a worthwhile two days.

Not only does Tammy have excellent skills and knowledge but her relaxed manner and adaptability make her a wonderful guide!

Thoroughly enjoyed the two day course and feel a better reader for having done it! Thank you Tammy for your expert guidance.


Thank you Thank you Tammy for your “energy healing for animals” course!

I have found it extremely helpful and I am more confident treating all creatures large and small.

My cats ADORES it and get’s disappointed when “Mummies hands” aren’t on! I have also assisted one of my foster cats heal much more quickly after a broken pelvis and leg. The vet was impressed! Thank you again!!


“Tammy, I just wish to let you know how much I enjoyed the Reiki 1 course recently. I had been thinking about doing a course for years, and I finally did it. You are such a wonderful teacher. I am usually a bit reserved and can feel self conscious when learning something new, but your patience and kindness made me feel at ease and not awkward at all. I definitely feel “different” after having done the course (in a good way!). Looking forward to the next step. Thanks so much. XX “


Hi Tammy I wanted to thank you for a wonderful course. Reiki 1. As a trainer I can be a little reluctant to do courses with other trainers. You are wonderful. I found you were organised, the course flowed easily building from a single point till the participant has the whole story, and you build rapport with everyone to put them at ease. It was fun and enlightening. What more can I say but that I would recommend your courses to anyone who is interested in opening their eyes to wonder around them. Thank you and Brightest Blessings Michelle


Tammy, thank you so much for my reading. You were so spot on with everything it was like you knew what was going on in my life, head and heart. You were a wonderful help. I loved talking to you as it was just like talking to an old friend. I have enjoyed looking into more of the things we spoke about. A lot of things make sense now. Blessing, Mary-Anne xox


I have been going to Tammy for Tarot Card Readings for a year now and am always left feeling much better and satisfied I still go to her for Guidance even though I am in Brisbane. She is so very talented and the best at what she does and goes beyond just a reading for you Highly Recommended and spot on.


Hi Tammy I think the reiki session on (bleep) went really well. He was a bit unsettled at the beginning but as it progressed he became more relaxed. Later on that night though he just wanted to be left alone which is unlike him. But the next morning he was full of life and extremely affectionate and was using his back leg as though there was nothing wrong with it. I would honestly say that he was on a high for about a week. Thanks again for giving him some relief from his cancer -your a god send. Xx Trace


Thankyou for an awesome experience this morning Tammy. Both sessions blew me away, especially the Tarot reading. I always feel uplifted and renewed and knowing that I am on the right path, makes it all worthwhile. Love and light xxxx


Tammy. Thankyou so much for your time and guidance today. I was in a very dark place and you have opened up the curtains and now I see light again. yes I cried and I laughed with you, but overall you have helped me understand my emotions, what they mean, how to use them, and how special I am. I have learnt that its ok to be selfish, because it is my time now. I cant explain the feeling I had when I got into my car after leaving your house. I haven’t been that happy or clear minded in probably 7 years. So thankyou a million times and hopefully I shall see you again soon xxxxx

DISTANCE REIKI: ROSEMARY (international client)

(a tiny extract from her wonderful long response)

Lovely Tammy, thank you so much for the session. It was wonderful. Let me share what I wrote down immediately after then I will respond to what you felt /saw.

I lay on my bed (tired from my work day but relaxed and calm). About 10 mins before the session I burst into tears and cried for what seemed ages but may have only been 5 mins. Then a wave if peace came over me.

I have been suffering from headaches through the third eye and crown areas, I have had a very sore throat, plus aches and hot and cold sweats all over my body.

I got up around 6.50pm my time and felt headache free, back ache free and at a good even temperature. My appetite returned for some soup. And I felt very relaxed with a “knowingness” all was well and that I would know what to do.

In response to your report on what you felt whilst conducting the distance reiki healing on me is spot on I say.

SO my dear, a very long reply on my part. I wanted to give you context for the reiki session and say yes yes yes and bless you.

I just know this was the right thing to do and I thank you from all of me.


Hi Tammy. Just wanted to let you know that you were spot on with your prediction of me getting my dream job! I was offered it today! Thanks for the confidence boost!


Dear Tammy, I cannot thank you enough for the two tarot readings and reiki sessions I’ve had with you. The messages that come through to you in the readings, not only bring me peace and clarity but come through very loud and clear. The angels must enjoy being able to talk to me through you because they do seem to say “I told you so” often! On the other hand, your Reiki sessions have re-tuned my ability to cope with life. I feel protected, loved and content, and these feelings are only amplified with each session I have with you. … I know that these sessions do amazing things for the both of us, because we end up so light and cheery….Not to mention the flock of birds I seem to always attract to your garden! You have provided me with the confidence to trust in my own “gut feelings” and for this I am eternally grateful. ♥ Thank you!! ♥ xox