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Book – Special Moments

Grab your copy of Special Moments as this is a special book for a loved one to record all their special memories of those they love/care about before the pass on. It’s a book of love before memory is lost or the mind goes through dementia/Alzheimers or some other disease takes a life. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have all the memories recorded in this special book so loved ones have something super special to read day after day, once a person is lost through death or lost because their mind is gone?

Darwin pick up $27.99 (below button) or you can pay me cash on the day of pickup/drop off …contact me on 0408815265 to organise a time

Australia/New Zealand $35.99 (below button)

World Wide $40.00 (below button)

Aroma Sprays $25.00 plus $7.60 postage (within Australia)

Fairy Spray ~ Monster Protection Spray ~ De-Stress Spray ~ Toilet Spray ~ Motivation Spray ~ anything you can think of spray

Bottles are 200ml

Let me know what you’d like and I will make a spray to order